Animated Education to Improve Livelihoods

Meet our main characters- Joy, Diara, Baraka, and Mama Rose.

Unlocking Opportunities for Motivated People Through Education and Technology



We create custom, localized, and engaging animated content primarily focused on financial inclusion.

As people complete our video and interactive media courses they are connected with incentives geared towards financial growth as well as calls to action linked to the Sustainable Development Goals.


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We are aligned with the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations. We work in partnership to help achieve them.


EDtech meets Fintech

We deliver our animated content through an Android app that has been rigorously designed for low-bandwidth, low literacy settings. 

Our mobile learning platform creates an alternative credit score using the data we collect through the education offered.

Sample Lesson

Using Digital Finance Responsibly

Out of good intentions, Elikem wants to give his sister access to his mobile money account, but Dela explains how mobile money is a great tool that needs to be used carefully.

Social Commitment

InvestED, PBC is a social enterprise, and as such we reinvest the majority of our gross revenue to achieve sustainability, grow our reach, and ensure the fulfillment of our mission.

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